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Constantine and Shotton-Gale in the Swindon Advertiser

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GBPF South West Powerlifting Records may 2012

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SGF Trainer Charlie Shotton-Gale in her Sponsor's latest newsletter

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GBPF Elite Squad at the EPF European Powerlifting Championships 2012

Including Rob Palmer winning Gold for Team GB

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GBPF Elite Squad training for the EPF European Championships 2012

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Welcome to SG Fitness

We are a specialist Personal Training Company focused on strength and sports performance, based in Swindon, Wiltshire and the South West.

Our experience in Functional Fitness, Bio-mechanics and Technical Application of the body allows us to work intricately with your body and apply it to the function you require. Our focus is on your Technique within each exercise enhancing your overall ability to perform.

We have shown that with improved Technical ability you have a higher rate of success in achieving your goal from becoming Champion of your sport to completing that race or scaling that height, we can help you become your winner.

Personal Trainers include multiple British Champion and International Powerlifter Charlie Shotton-Gale, of Wiltshire, who has assisted people from many different sports and fitness goals to achieve their aim. Some of these include:

  • Powerlifting
  • Rugby
  • Cycling

If you would like to discuss your personal aims please contact us by phone or email and see how SG Fitness can change your ability.